UNCP Department of History Projects

As Chair, I have led UNCP's Department of History through a significant revision of our undergraduate programs, implemented a new advising model, built an undergraduate internship program, and established partnerships with local high schools in connection with the National History Day student research program.


We revised our undergraduate program to add a Research Intensive sequence, with a skills development course in the junior year and a capstone experience in the senior year. We also updated our geographic breadth requirement to offer students a bit more flexibility while eliminating outdated global categories.

I altered the History Department's advising model to better balance advising loads across faculty, and to create cohorts of students so that each faculty member's advisees have a common graduation year and thus similar requirements to meet during each advising and registration sequence.

Our undergraduate internship program in Public History provides students with structured, for-credit internships with department partners and strong mentoring capabilities. Current partners include the Museum of the Southeast American Indian, UNCP Special Collections, the Lumbee Tribe Office of Historic Preservation, the Red Springs History Museum, and the Museum of the Cape Fear Historic Complex. I created this program in 2019 and continue to supervise it in my capacity as department chair.

We pilot-tested a UNCP History Day program in 2022-23, inviting 50 students to campus for project mentoring and research assistance in the fall. Approximately 35 of those students returned to campus in January 2023 for a showcase and project feedback. Nineteen of the students--all from schools that had never participated before--attended regional competitions. We are already working on plans to host a similar program in the 2023-24 academic year, and UNCP may become a regional competition site in the not-too-distant future!