Scholarship and Speaking Engagements

I am an historian of the Civil War era, and I regularly speak at museums, historic sites, and other community venues. I can do broad overviews of the Civil War & Reconstruction era, or we can talk about something more specific like Confederate economic policy, the Confederate army's uses of enforced labor, politics in North Carolina during Civil War & Reconstruction, or black North Carolinians' experiences during the era. 

"Raising Corn, Embankments, and a Little Hell," at the Brunswick County Civil War Roundtable, May 2023 

 "Failed Searches for a Shared Memory: Black and Native North Carolinians in the Summer of 2020," in The Civil War and the Summer of 2020, Fordham University Press (2024)

Podcast Appearance: Reconstruction

on Not Just Great Men: A History Podcast, 2023